Hack your IoT solution in the world of industrial automation

Endless skills, endless ideas and endless solutions. That’s the motto!

You have an insatiable curiosity for solving tasks and thinking in new ways? Then the SICK Solution Hackathon is the right challenge for you. In addition to fun, nice people and exciting topics, great prizes await the winning teams!

SICK Solution Hackathon 2024
October 15-17, 2024
Waldkirch (near Freiburg), Germany

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What you'll get as a participant

  • A wide variety of products: Access to industrial software and hardware
  • Workshops: Beforehand and all-round support by experts
  • Inspiring atmosphere: Being surrounded by a modern and inspiring working environment
  • Digital Factory Tour: Possibility to visit our new smart factory in Freiburg Hochdorf or distribution center in Waldkirch
  • Assumption of travel costs: We cover the travel expenses and full board for the participants
  • Worldwide audience: The pitches will be streamed online
  • Free travel and accomodation to the hackathon location in Waldkirch (near Freiburg), Germany
  • Prizes: Great prices in various categories, e.g. “Technological Excellence” or “Best Business Idea”.

Our hackathon challenges

make it real
make it digital

Make it move

The biggest task lies in movement because the requirements for mobile robots and platforms are very complex: Where am I? What does my environment look like? How can I reach my destination safely? What can be done while moving from A to B? What task must be completed at the destination?

That's the challenge: To detect everything in the environment, not missing anything, avoiding obstacles and reaching the destination safely.

Make it easy

Your daily life is automated. Whether you're sitting on the couch, in the office, or working on a machine, opportunities to automate everyday challenges are everywhere. But the simplicity is often in the details. The solutions are not always obvious, but their effects are indispensable.

That’s the challenge: Make complicated things simple. Bring your ideas to life and simplify everyday activities with voice assistance, remote control, service robots or any other idea you have.

Make it visible

What if you no longer need a crystal ball? The predictability of events is based on sensor data. This data helps to make production processes more effective and more competitive. With your help we make the data visible and actionable.

That's the challenge: Sounds complicated? We need you to make the data come alive. 

Make it green

Resources are needed everywhere. Sometimes, however, they are also wasted. Using them wisely and in a targeted way is the right approach to sustainability.

That's the challenge: Find the areas where resources are wasted, energy is consumed unnecessarily, waste can be avoided, or scrap can be fed into new processes. Use your energy to save energy! 

make it safe

Achieving a high productivity for machines as well as a high level of flexibility and automation are decisive competitive advantages in the digitalization era. But how to benefit from safety solutions that make processes run smoothly or enable human and machine working as a team?

That's the challenge: Discover safety solutions that protect people from hazards at their workplace, but at the same time ensure and even increase the productivity of production or logistics.

make it real
make it digital
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