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5G networks, Digital Twins, live chat, generative AI, autonomous vehicles, cobots, machine vision, LiDAR: dozens of fascinating technologies – all available at once. At SICK Solution Hackathon 2023 the participants really have their choice. And as the possibilities are virtually unlimited, and you can literally feel the hackers’ fascination while getting deeper into all these topics.

SICK Solution Hackathon is connecting these technologies from a wide variety of industry partners. Let’s have a look at some topics for 2023.


Using Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) – improving business and industry processes

How can fascinating technology be used in business and industry processes? That is one topic hackathon Partner NTTData is dealing with. They offer methods and tools to integrate Generative AI into the business world – and make this world more efficient and productive. It is up to the hackathon participants to develop ideas for real AI use cases.

The same goes for the machinery environment where AI-driven solutions can have a huge impact. As industries get more automated and machinery gets smarter, there's an increasing demand for real-time diagnostics tools. An intelligent system that understands natural language can make it easier for operators to get quick insights about the state of their machinery. How about an AI assistant that allows users to inquire about the status of their machine? The ctrlX Core industrial controller from Bosch Rexroth is one great approach to do this.


Real-time logistics efficiency and condition monitoring – with 5G

5G is a powerful technology – and makes a lot of things possible we could not have thought of years ago: autonomous logistics, predictive maintenance, connected workers. Ericsson is bringing all its 5G expertise to the hackathon. 5G connected sensors can, for example,collect data such as vibration and temperature and even enable smart asset maintenance by predicting failure or calculating remaining asset life. Quite a lot of possibilities for all hackathon participants to think about new solutions with the help of a 5G network!

(Mobile) robots and cobots – make it move and make it safe


Digital Twin, Live Chat, LiDAR, RFID: many more technologies to play around

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