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One challenge, 24 teams with 24 innovative solutions - in only 48 hours.

Watch all solutions from our hackathon participants at SICK Solution Hackathon 2022.

Team Slingshot

Pick, plug and work from anywhere - Imagine a situation where you are an embedded engineer in WFH and working on multiple modules requiring constant switching between them, feels familiar right? So, we came up with an IOT-based solution using the robotic arm for picking and plugging different cables into their respective sockets just by your commands from home.
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Automation model of package placement <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


Object pose and orientation estimation using sick 2D smart camera. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


We're creating a Nurse Robot as we wish to not only introduce automation in healthcare to provide quality treatment to the patients but also cut the costs related to health treatments in the longer run. COVID crisis created a large shortages of nurses creating so much burden on doctors to ensure each patient gets a quality treatment. Introducing automation to do basic stuff like medication delivery and data acquisition and monitoring will give nurses time to develop a better relationship with their patients. We also want to help environment by making the process paperless using databases to store and retrieve information. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Telecom Beyond Borders

<Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Team 2.0

Our idea is to detect and locate fire in an industry and put it out with the help of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). SICK camera is triggered to capture the indoor image whenever the smoke is detected, Microsoft Azure custom vision verifies the presence of fire in it. Then the location is send back to some AGVs in the industry. In case of fire, the AGVs with fire extinguishing balls come to the exact location to put-off the fire. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


Using 2D LiDAR to predict the trajectory of a moving spherical object. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


Luggage position designation for travelers using Inspector cameras. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

42 Pythons swimming in the C.

We want to realize vertical farms for the micro-algae spirulina. Why spirulina? On the one hand like other algae species spirulina grows in a rapid way and can therefore bind CO2 more efficiently than most plants on land, on the other hand it is a very nutritious protein-rich superfood, that is already used in all sorts of supplements. That means being able to farm spirulina in a large scale can help reduce climate change by binding CO2 as well as provide a sustainable way to produce food in cities, shortening supply chains and decreasing CO2 emissions in the process. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Garage Club

Make the optimization of the AGV’s working environment easier by visualizing when and where AGV's protective fields have been activated and caused robot to stop. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Testbed for Industry 4.1

What if we could interact with the robot as we interact with humans? We are presenting to you a proof of concept and use case on how to make using robots easy, move, and visible. Leveraging a blazing-fast 5G network for communication and the Azure cloud for language processing, we are using state-of-the-art computer vision and NLP to make navigational tasks easy for everyone. Heavy hardware and local processing are no longer needed. Robots of the future can be small and affordable, yet smarter than ever. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


Our idea is to play Air Hockey with our foots. The foots are measured with a LiDAR and the game is projected to the floor for a good visualization of the game. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Inveniam Viam

An AR Shopping Assistant <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Women in AI & Robotics

Odor-based navigation that combines AI Nose with AGV for scent source detection <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


Use sensors to help predict and minimize waste in drink purchase and consumption <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


Localizing air leakage in an industrial environment <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


We are creating an end to end business intelligence tool with a smart chatbot that understands, advices and thinks for people. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Copenhagen Collective

A sorcerer never reveals his tricks <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


We want to deliver a safelog automated guided vehicles (AGV) enabled with SICK sensors and Flexi SIM that can follow a person and therefore works as an assistant in the logistic sector. In this way we provide an unique way for order picking/ placing, prevent accidents, decrease workload on employees and reduce cost. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


The Medical Cart, an automatic cart that can take over some tasks from a nurse. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>


Control of AGV with hand gestures. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

Space intentionally left blank

Smart interface allowing easy consumer integration of machine analytics and quality of run for existing machines. <Watch pitch><Download pitch>

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